Will your candidacy "split the party" thus giving a democrat a victory?

This is my perspective: By joining the race for Senate, I am giving Idahoans an option to vote for a true conservative. This is a new option the voters haven't had in the last 18 years for the general election. Currently voters in Idaho are faced with voting for:

A: a socialist democrat - Note: Over the last 30 years a democrat has never received more the 30% of a three way race in Idaho.

B: Senator Mike Crapo who has become a RiNO party politician. He has started voting alongside Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and has lost both touch and favor with true conservatives. 

If a democrat candidate receives 32% or less then our path to victory is this:

C: Cleveland = 34% or greater

Crapo = 33% or less

Democrat = 32% or less

D: Others = 1% 

Keep in mind the following fact! 33% of the registered republicans rejected Mike Crapo in May's primary election. Assuming those same voters are made aware of our campaign and conservative alternative candidate, it is highly unlikely that they would vote Crapo in the general election. We can and will win the race with 34% - 36% of the statewide total. 

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  • Elle Phillips
    published this page in FAQ 2022-03-29 14:38:15 -0600