Frequently Asked Questions

What is an unaffiliated candidate?

An unaffiliated candidate is one of the five registrations a candidate chooses in a federal election. 

The five ways are as follows 1. Republican 2. Democrat 3. Libertarian 4. Constitution 5. Unaffiliated or a voter can write in an individual’s name. 

Over 31% of voters in Idaho are registered as unaffiliated independent. The second largest group. 

What does “Independent Conservative” mean?

This term refers to conservative candidates who, for a variety of reasons, choose not to run as traditional Republicans. 

Why are you running as an Unaffiliated - Independent Conservative?

There are 5 reasons why I am running this way: 

  1. My opponent, career politician Mike Crapo, has considerable name recognition as well as over 5 million dollars in his campaign coffers, 98% of which comes from out of state. 
  2. Had I run now as a Republican candidate, I would have lost in the May 17th primary due to lack of name recognition and lack of funds. I am not in this race to lose. I needed more time and money to effectively compete against a 30+ year career politician. 
  3. Running as an unaffiliated Independent Conservative candidate means that I did not appear in the May 17th primary, this strategy gives me more time to spread my message and gather contributions. 
  4. Including “Conservative” in my brand is a way to assure Idaho voters that my background is that of a true, lifelong America First Patriot. Without this association it would be difficult to win the race as an Independent. 
  5. The Republican party bosses would never support a challenger to an incumbent. They are perfectly happy with the status quo, good old boy system. Are you? 

Will I have to switch parties to vote for you?

No, you will not need to change your voter registration to vote for me. You may vote for any candidate listed on the general election ballot November 8th. There are five candidates listed on the ballot. 

Will your candidacy "split the party" thus giving a democrat a victory?

This is my perspective: By joining the race for Senate, I am giving Idahoans an option to vote for a true conservative. This is a new option the voters haven't had in the last 18 years for the general election. Currently voters in Idaho are faced with voting for:

A: a socialist democrat - Note: Over the last 30 years a democrat has never received more the 30% of a three way race in Idaho.

B: Senator Mike Crapo who has become a RiNO party politician. He has started voting alongside Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and has lost both touch and favor with true conservatives. 

If a democrat candidate receives 32% or less then our path to victory is this:

C: Cleveland = 34% or greater

Crapo = 33% or less

Democrat = 32% or less

D: Others = 1% 

Keep in mind the following fact! 33% of the registered republicans rejected Mike Crapo in May's primary election. Assuming those same voters are made aware of our campaign and conservative alternative candidate, it is highly unlikely that they would vote Crapo in the general election. We can and will win the race with 34% - 36% of the statewide total. 

How does a voter trust that you are a “true” conservative?

I would love to speak with your group. If possible, I also suggest you visit with anyone who knows me well. You may request a reference list by sending an email to [email protected]. I also founded the Treasure Valley Council of Patriots - TVCOP. Lastly, you may want to review my profile on the Ballotpedia website at I am not a "CINO"  (Conservative iName Only). I have never been a democrat!

Do you support term limits for congress?

I fully support an amendment to the United States Constitution that would require term limits for all members of congress. I plan to personally sponsor this bill when elected. My proposed limits would be as follows: 

1. Each United States Senator would serve no more than two full six-year terms per lifetime. In addition, I would also support an upper age limit to hold this office. We have a minimum age requirement already. 

2. Each United States House member would serve no more than three, four-year terms per lifetime. The current two-year term cycles are too short and should be extended. 

Do you support or oppose medical or recreational use of marijuana in Idaho?

I oppose the use of marijuana. I don't care if someone chooses to grow a plant of their own. I don't want it smoked in public.

Do you oppose abortion?

I oppose abortion, especially as a form of birth control. I would make exceptions in the case of rape, incest, or the life of the mother is in danger.

Where do you stand on education?

I support school choice and parents having a direct say in the curriculum. CRT and similar propaganda should not be allowed.

Where do you stand on guns and the second amendment?

The right to self-defense is given to all humans from God. As a nation founded by Christians, this right is enshrined in our founding documents and shall not be infringed. I also love to spend time at the range. I have a well-balanced collection of legal firearms and have a carry permit. 

What are your thoughts about gay rights?

First of all, I love ALL people. As a Christian, I am fully aware of the scriptures and understand that homosexuality is not condoned biblically speaking. Personally, I have nothing against gay people and feel they have the right to live and love as they see fit. However, my tolerance only goes so far. I don't appreciate gay pride being shoved in my face and I am against gay rights activists indoctrinating children and asking for special treatment. Men are men and women are women, and we should all remember that and stay in our designated restrooms and sports leagues. 

I am not opposed to same sex couples or marriage. I am fully aware of the scriptures and that homosexuality is not condoned biblically speaking. Living in this modern world, I do not mind gay people and their rights to live and love as they see fit. My tolerance only goes so far. I don’t like gay pride being shoved in my face. When gay rights activists start indoctrinating children and asking for special treatment, I draw the line. Men are men and women are women. We should all remember that and stay in our designated restrooms and sports leagues. 

Where did your nickname “Oh” come from?

I have been a leader all of my life. Whenever I come up with a new idea, plan, or strategy it is usually met with one or more of the following responses. 

1. Oh yea! 

2. Oh NO! 

3. Oh my God. 

4. Oh crap 

5. Oh, you can’t do that! 

6. Oh boy! 

Over time I adopted “Oh” and it works well for many new endeavors - including running for office. 

How can we follow or help the Cleveland for Senate Campaign?

You may do any of the following directly from this website (except of course voting for me): 

  1. Volunteer to help the campaign. 
  2. Donate money to help us increase awareness. 
  3. Host an event. 
  4. Receive updates via text, email, or both. 
  5. Request a visit or interview for your group.

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