Election Integrity

Many Americans believe the 2020 election was rigged in favor of the Democrats. Voter fraud is a very real issue. Liberty depends on free and fair elections, whether it is a race for a local mayor or the president of the United States. Americans must be able to trust the process or our system will break down.

Examples of voter fraud

  • Absentee ballot fraud/ballot harvesting: Allows third parties to collect and deliver ballots in some States
  • Double voting/ballot stuffing: One individual casts more than one ballot in the same election
  • Dead voters: The name of a deceased person remains on a state's official list of registered voters and a living person fraudulently casts a ballot in that name
  • Felon voter fraud: The casting of a ballot by a convicted felon who is not eligible to vote
  • Voter suppression: A variety of tactics aimed at lowering or suppressing the number of voters who might otherwise vote in a particular election

How do we fix the problem of voter fraud?

  • Require valid identification in all states
  • Voter rolls registration cross checks
  • Compare rolls to government records
  • Extremely limited use of absentee balloting
  • Complete elimination of drop box voting
  • No late vote shall be counted
  • Voting machines must be controlled by local election officials before, during, and after every election cycle
  • Random, full-forensic audits of no less than 10 percent of votes by county
  • Secure voter verification system: The ability to check that your vote was counted correctly for the candidate you selected
  • Protect the future of the Republic: Develop a decertification process at the state level

These measures will help secure future elections and reduce the amount of voter fraud in America.

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  • Diane Grady
    commented 2022-08-06 12:13:16 -0600
    I would add to this list that campaign finance reform is a must to truly make voting representative of the will of we the people.
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    followed this page 2022-08-06 12:11:38 -0600
  • Elle Phillips
    published this page in Issues 2022-03-21 13:29:15 -0600