Do you support or oppose medical or recreational use of marijuana in Idaho?

I oppose the use of marijuana. I don't care if someone chooses to grow a plant of their own. I don't want it smoked in public.

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  • Kelley Taylor
    commented 2022-10-11 21:14:04 -0600
    I also don’t smoke marijuana. I do agree with Michael Hoffman on legalization, revenue and no different than alcohol other than people seem to be less violent.
  • Michael Hoffman
    commented 2022-10-11 20:20:15 -0600
    Weak answer. No stance. Personally I dont smoke Marijuana but I think we should join half the country and legalize it. For tax revenue and to give people the freedom to choose. It’s no different than alcohol.
  • Kelley Taylor
    commented 2022-10-11 08:32:48 -0600
    That really makes no sense. You oppose it but also not oppose it. Spoken like a true politician.
  • Elle Phillips
    published this page in FAQ 2022-03-29 14:41:16 -0600