Crapo Facts

It's time for Mike Crapo, a blue Republican, to go!

  • Crapo is a career politician who has been in Washington for 29 years, and ten years before that in Idaho.

  • Crapo laments the ongoing harm the Biden administration is doing to America, yet he has done nothing to stop the damage or bolster conservative principles.

  • Crapo wants to roll back China tariffs put in place by Trump.

  • Nearly 100 percent of Crapo's donations come from out-of-state donors, including Big Pharma, Big Tech, Insurance and Medical companies.

  • Crapo does not reside in Idaho, spending the majority of his time in Washington D.C. or Utah.

  • Crapo abandoned conservatism when he voted with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to pass a massive infrastructure bill that was more about green energy and money laundering than infrastructure.

  • Crapo had a DUI arrest in 2012, after publicly stating he abstains from alcohol in accordance with his Mormon faith.

  • Crapo does very little campaigning, does not attend GOP meetings or grant interviews, unless it is tightly controlled.

  • Crapo did nothing to stand up for election integrity in 2020.

  • Crapo withdrew his support for Trump prior to the 2016 election.

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