Covid 19

The Covid-19 virus has had a devastating impact on the entire population of Earth. The U.S. funded, Chinese produced, bio-weapon is unlike anything the world has ever known. The virus has cost millions of lives and untold economic damage across the globe. There are many unanswered questions about the origins of the pandemic and the subsequent response of governments and the medical community. The entire response has been a patchwork of questionable science, bizarre protocols and sadly, the loss of both basic human rights and personal liberty. A safe medical solution may sound reasonable but it should not be at the expense of using one's own best judgment and sense of reasoning.

Government quarantines, mask mandates, gathering restrictions and unproven medical injections have been forced upon people against their will and human rights. It is both immoral and illegal to force Americans to lose their jobs over the personal medical decision not to be vaccinated. The proposed “vaccine passport” concept is nothing short of 21st century medical segregation and must never be allowed in America.

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  • Elle Phillips
    published this page in Issues 2022-03-21 13:26:21 -0600