Border Security & Immigration Policy

The current state of our southern border is a complete travesty.

Immigration is one of the fundamental building blocks that has helped make America a unique nation. But the debate over border security and immigration has become toxic as politicians put politics before principle. Unfortunately, Americans find themselves trapped between zealots on both sides. For over two centuries, the United States has welcomed millions of people from every corner of the globe. Today, we admit over one million people each year into our country, more than any other country in the world.

American sovereignty respects a rule of law that is beneficial to all Americans, but we cannot compromise our national security and public safety. A chaotic immigration system encourages people to go around the law. It is a clear invitation to those who wish to take advantage of our open borders especially in a time of terrorist threat.

America must preserve patriotic assimilation. Failure to enforce immigration laws is unfair to those who obey the laws and follow the rules to enter our country legally. Those entering our country illegally should not be rewarded with legal status, which only encourages further illegal conduct.

Based on these principles, immigration reform should include transitioning to a merit-based system that no longer includes chain migration, birthright citizenship, and an arbitrary Visa lottery per country. Any form of amnesty for those in the United States illegally should not be rewarded.

Lastly, people in our country illegally should not receive public assistance such as food stamps, housing payments, and other entitlements.

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