Exceptional Idaho 

Idaho is a great state and it needs to stay that way. Make no mistake, progressives are targeting our way of life, and the RINOs are doing nothing. If we don't take steps now, then our quality of life will go down the drain! It is time to vote Progressives and do-nothing blue republicans out of office.  

The federal government has been bullying the states for decades, and it is only getting worse. All fifty of the United States have sovereignty over Washington DC, but that does not seem to matter anymore. They continue their reign over our rights with an iron fist: slush-fund spending or blowout spending, and mandates on things like COVID-19 impact us more than ever before.  

State and local governments have gone too far: emergency powers have been used to overstep boundaries in an attempt by Governor Brad Little to usurp authority under the Idaho Constitution. These disastrous acts were silently approved through lackadaisical actions from state legislators, leading many small business owners into bankruptcy due to lockdowns and fear-mongering about COVID-19. 

The federal government owns the majority of all land in Idaho, yet they cannot even manage annual fire seasons properly! They wanted a controlled burn just before hunting season - how ridiculous does that sound? 

What I believe in and will fight for in United States Senate 

  • A secure border - finish the wall
  • Domestic energy production - energy independence 
  • School choice to compete with public (government) schools
  • Protecting the unborn
  • Protect the Constitution as written
  • Medical freedom and a ban on mandates 
  • Freedom, Liberty, and our rights granted by God 

Idaho needs new leaders who will work for the people of this state, not themselves. 

The solution to many problems is to elect competent non-career seeking officials at every level of government.

We can get our priorities straight and have the Peace of Mind that things are going well and our country has returned to the right track. 

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